Explore Carmarthenshire and beyond

Quiet Walks offers a range of memorable guided walks across Carmarthenshire and the surrounding areas.

Set against the backdrop of either Bannau Brycheiniog or the Cambrian Mountains, each walk showcases a different aspect of this peaceful, often overlooked part of Wales.

All routes have been scoped, checked for hazards and access and offer a wide range of interest. Some include historic landmarks and others may be more about the spectacular views. They all provide a wonderful experience of the beautiful, Welsh countryside. That is why customers often return to complete all the walks on offer.

Quiet Walks

It is unlikely that you’ll meet many, if any, other people whilst walking, although there may be a lot of sheep… Some walks include a cafe or pub stop at the end or en route but this is not always possible. See individual route descriptions for full details.

An ancient holloway near Cynghordy Viaduct

What to expect

The walks range in length and difficulty as I cover both ‘lowland’ and ‘hill and moorland’ walks. Some are flatish and other climb up to 800m so I describe each route in detail to help you assess whether it’s suitable for you.

The pace will be tailored to each group with the objective of making it enjoyable, rather than exhausting. Group walks are kept to a maximum of 8 people which keeps it manageable and has less of an impact on the environment. As more walking routes are developed they will be added to the website.

If you are unsure about the suitability of walk please get in touch.

You will find a list of walks and a calendar on the website. These will be updated regularly and will show when walks are fully booked. The cost of walks vary. Guided walks are currently £20 – £30 per person, with a few exceptions.

As well as the scheduled walks I also offer a guided walk service to visitors or self-selected groups. You can choose one of the advertised routes or enquire about other options. Just get in touch to find out more.

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