“Going on a ‘quiet walk’ means different things to different people. What QW does offer is walks for small groups in quiet, beautiful locations. They are sociable days but I also make sure there is time and space for quiet moments, even if it’s just to hear some birdsong or to take a slow, deep breath of fresh Welsh air.”
Lisa Denison

Come on a Quiet Walk

Scheduled Walks

Join a small group on tried and tested routes offering lots of variety, beautiful views and local history. They range from easy to strenuous and are normally between 4 and and 7 hours long and groups are limited to eight people.

These walks are scheduled throughout the year. The website does not have a booking facility yet but you can enquire about booking via the enquiry form and I will email you back with details very promptly.

Please use the drop down menu under ‘Guided Walks’ to view the walk descriptions and calendar.

NEW FOR 2024: There is 15% off all walks if you book 30 days or more in advance.

Walks for visitors

If you are visiting Carmarthenshire or surrounding areas and want to go on a walk without the hassle of planning or the worry of getting lost , why not tap into local knowledge of Quiet Walks?

You can join a scheduled walk or discuss a tailored one to meet any specific requirements.

Rates are dependant on walk length and number of walkers – get in touch to enquire.

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