DISCOUNT UPDATE FOR 2024; If you book 30 days or more in advance you automatically get a 15% discount off the price of the walk unless you’re using credit from a previously cancelled walk.

There is currently no means to book directly from the website but the process is very easy.

Step I – Send a message using the form below, telling me which walk, and on which date, you’re interested in

Step 2 – I will respond promptly, sending you more details about the walk and confirmation of your booking

Step 3 – 2 weeks before the event I will contact you to request payment and send you a consent/health form

Step 4 – Once you’ve paid and returned your form , you’re all set to go. No refunds or credit are available after this point unless I can find a replacement for your place.

Thank -you!

Please note that if I don’t have sufficient bookings two weeks beforehand, the walk may be rescheduled or cancelled, but this is a last resort and I will do my utmost to avoid this happening.

To view the walk/events calendar go here

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