Find Your Way

I have co-developed two types of navigation course.

‘Beginners Navigation’ which covers the basics of map reading, timing and navigation and is designed to build confidence in exploring the outdoors in a fun, educational and inspiring way. There is a short teaching session followed time spent practicing and learning outdoors, on a route somewhere in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

The next course is on February 3rd 2024. Click the link to read more about this course.

‘Improvers Navigation’ consolidates what has been learned at beginners level and builds in additional skills such as compass use, planning a route, and grid references. This course also has a short initial ‘classroom’ session followed by outdoor navigation practice.

These courses will be offered periodically in a variety of locations, sometimes in conjunction with Welcome in the Wild who have co-designed the courses. See calendar and Facebook for details.

Bespoke courses can also be developed.

Weave and Walk

A lot is packed into this enjoyable 1 day course. The morning is relaxing, creative and mindful and the afternoon is energising !

In the morning you will learn about fleece, how to process it and then how to weave your own outdoor sit-mat on a peg loom, using raw fleece from my own or my neighbours flocks.

Fleece sit mats are a sustainable, warm and cosy alternative to using plastic mats – a must for anyone who is out in the hills, especially on cold, damp days….

After lunch we take the mats with us on a scenic hike around the local area.

I currently hold these courses in Myddfai Community Centre but am willing to look at venues elsewhere based on demand.

Walking Confidence

A 6-week programme to help rusty or worried walkers get back out there. Meeting once a week, each walk lasts around 2 hours and every week there will be a new challenge such as stiles, hills or uneven terrain. The aim is to gently increase confidence and fitness of the group so that by the end of 6 weeks they feel able to plan and undertake their own walks. Tips, navigation basics and advice will be built into the walk.

The first programme started in January 2023 – see Events Calendar for further dates .

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