Length: 4km

Cost: £20

Wander across Garn Goch, one of Wales’ largest hillforts by the light of the full moon (weather depending…).

If it is a clear night, it will be possible to walk by moonlight alone. If not, low headtorches can guide the way across this ancient landscape in the Brecon Beacons National Park. The walk starts at the car park and follows the footpath across Y Gaer Fach (small fort) then down to the base of Y Gaer Fawr  (large fort) where you look up at the former stone ramparts on this 11 hectare site.  Once up top, you get a real feel for the size of original walls which would have stood 10 metres high and were 5ft thick.

The walk is slow and steady around the hillfort, taking in the twinkling lights of the distant villages and pausing to look at the moon and stars and listen to the night sounds. The climb up is not too strenuous and the terrain is grassy. This is a magical way to spend an evening in this beautiful Dark Sky Reserve.

NB. If the weather is poor then the walk may be cancelled or rescheduled. A clear night cannot be guaranteed and will still go ahead if cloudy. Walking by diffused moonlight at night is still an enjoyable experience.

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